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Concerned Citizens Defending Democracy (CCDD)

Inspired and organized by Bridges, Concerned Citizens Defending Democracy (CCDD) is a network of citizens from several parts of the country concerned with the state of democracy and race relations in the United States.  


It began meeting in early 2020, initially with a focus on free and fair elections. However, after the murder of George Floyd laid bare the urgent need for active citizen involvement in civic life, CCDD determined that strengthening American democracy and promoting racial justice and reconciliation would be the twin pillars of its work.

CCDD has its own website!


Follow the link here to learn more about its mission and activities, as well as how to provide support or get involved in this critical mission.

"Concerned Citizens Defending Democracy is an organization that believes in leadership and accountability of leaders and citizens. This organization has exemplified commitment and loyalty to our Constitution and Democracy. CCDD will continue to fight for our democracy."

About CCDD

Concerned Citizens Defending Democracy (CCDD) is committed to an inclusive democracy, a nation grounded in a shared commitment of all our people, focused on:  

  1. participation in the political process for all citizens (with current special attention to historically under-represented groups);

  2. protected, transparent competition for elected office;

  3. institution-based rule-of-law applied equally to all citizens.

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