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Mali Affinity Group (MAG)

Mali Affinity Group (MAG), birthed from the success of Mali Watch and Mali Moving Forward, is a network of non-governmental organizations, government officials, the Mali embassy and its diaspora. This permanent initiative is committed to closely following the political events in Mali and monitoring progress of the country’s sustainable development. MAG begins a new era of civil society's long-term, robust relationship with Mali.

The MAG is hosted by the Alliance for Peacebuilding and co-chaired by Malian Ambassador to the U.S. TienaCoulibaly and Chic Dambach, a long-time peace advocate with strong peacebuilding experience in Ethiopia, Eritrea and the DRC. Bridges’s President and CEO, Vivian Lowery Derryck is the third member of the leadership team.

The Mali Affinity Group is moving! The MAG will now be a part of Search for Common Ground's engagement in Africa.

The Search for Common Ground page can be found here.

Engaging with Malians

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