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The Bridges Institute has been a dependable source for dialogue and knowledge-sharing over the years. With its signature crisis watch model, Bridges has brought together public, private, and civil society stakeholders to discuss ongoing crises and brainstorm homegrown, viable solutions.

Below you will find information and links on the Institute's diverse programming, both past and present.

The Africa Policy Group (APG) is a non-partisan coalition of 30 senior Africa experts. The group has worked towards shaping a robust U.S. Africa policy by crafting concrete recommendations through internal dialogue, briefings for U.S. policymakers, and meetings with visiting African leaders


The Mali Affinity Group (MAG) is a network of non-governmental organizations, government officials, the Mali embassy and its diaspora. This permanent initiative is closely follows political events in Mali and monitors the country's progress towards sustainable development.


In line with its crisis watch model, Bridges has overseen multiple, specialized projects over the years. These include:

  • The Sahel Strategic Forum

  • te d’Ivoire Watch

  • Mali Watch

  • Women in Leadership: Promoting Women’s Political Participation

  • Mali Moving Forward


The Women and Food Security program recognizes that African agriculture will be dramatically more productive if the underutilized potential of women is tapped. To this end, Bridges has offered its convening power and policy expertise.


As a project of Bridges, Concerned Citizens Defending Democracy (CCDD) is a network of citizens from several parts of the country concerned with the state of democracy and race relations in the United States. CCDD's diverse and experienced membership works towards strengthening these dual pillars through advocacy, research, and partnership-building.

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